ART FOR ALL: Tours at the Centre

May 26

After a successful first year with many led-tours, we have decided to offer a highlight tour every Friday at 11.15am for any visitors who wish to participate – the tour is capped at 20 people and is available on ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.

Our first tour will be on Friday 7 June, led by a member of our team.

G&G’s art is known to spark conversation and we love welcoming groups of visitors; students, tourists, art lovers, and many others who like to engage in discussion about G&G’s art and the artworks on display.

In our first year of opening, we have had the pleasure to welcome many groups and have facilitated tours of the Centre and our inaugural exhibition THE PARADISICAL PICTURES. We’ve also offered in-depth architectural tours led by the Centre’s architect, Manuel Irsara (Co-Founder of @sirs_architects) on multiple occasions, including Open House Festival, Frieze, as well as on-request from visitors with a strong interest in architecture.

Highlight Centre tours will last around 45 minutes and have more of a conversational tone, encouraging groups to participate, ask questions, and share their own reflections.

Faithful to our mission of ART FOR ALL, these tours are free of charge.

If you’re a group-leader and would like to explore the exhibition in more depth, we regularly offer tours on request. For educational groups these tours remain free of charge, however for any other large groups we kindly ask you to consider showing us support through a donation.

Here’s some feedback from previous tour participants:

“The exhibition made me think more about the ways artists in general put themselves into their work”

“I really enjoyed the art pieces which are vibrant and thought provoking”

“I was also impressed by the informative and personable tour guide who aptly answered the questions put to them”

Photography © Sam Harris.